Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Leak Reveals 13 Upcoming Operators, Including Marshawn Lynch

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launched last month on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. And despite a somewhat rocky release, the new installment is the best-selling entry in the series this console generation. That said, launch was just the beginning for the game. Infinity Ward has already promised extensive post-launch support of the game, which will kick off in December with the game's first season and first Battle Pass. Further, more operators will be coming to the game. Infinity Ward hasn't said how many, but a new leak may have spilled the beans for the developer. According to a new datamining leak, 13 operators are coming to the game, including Ghost, the operator portrayed by Marshawn Lynch.

As you may know, Operators this time around feature only cosmetic variations. In other words, there's no gameplay advantages or disadvantages to them. As of right now, the game has 18 operators, nine for each faction. What's odd about 13 missing operators is that would bring the total amount of operators to 31, which is an odd number. In other words, one faction would have more than the other, which seems a bit odd. That said, here are the 13 unreleased operators found in the game's PC files:

  • Iskra (Allegiance / Chimera)
  • Kilgore (Allegiance / Spetsnaz)
  • Nebo (Allegiance / Jackals)
  • Stohli (Allegiance / Spetsnaz)
  • Trigg (Allegiance / Spetsnaz)
  • Yandi (Allegiance / Jackals)
  • Farah (Coalition / Warcom)
  • Ghost (Coalition / Warcom)
  • Hooper (Coalition / Demon Dogs)
  • Kato (Coalition / SAS)
  • Lynch (Coalition / Demon Dogs)
  • Quin (Coalition / SAS)
  • Zedra (Coalition / Warcom)

Of course, this list should be taken with a grain of salt. While datamining leaks are normally reliable, the operators above -- at least some of them -- could be leftover and scrapped operators that didn't make it into the final game. In other words, don't take this entire list of the bookies.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more news, rumors, leaks, media, and information on the best-selling first-person shooter, be sure to peep all of our previous and extensive coverage of the game by clicking right here. Meanwhile, as always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there.

Source: Reddit via Charlie Intel