Call of Duty Social Media Accounts Tease Big Reveal by "Going Dark"

Activision is expected to unveil the next Call of Duty game this week, per reports and rumors, and [...]

Activision is expected to unveil the next Call of Duty game this week, per reports and rumors, and some recent teasers are making that potential reveal look even more likely. A reveal date of May 30th has been tossed around for the next Call of Duty game which is reportedly just called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, though Activision hasn't said anything about its plans. In fact, it's done quite the opposite – its various social media platforms have gone dark, and that's the best indication yet that something big is going to be happening soon.

If you've been following Call of Duty news lately, it's hard to imagine missing what's been going on. The name of the game was supposedly revealed last week and was followed by reports about the game being fully debuted on May 30th, though none of that has been confirmed. If you look to the Call of Duty accounts on Twitter and Facebook, you won't find any answers about the next game, at least not yet. The profile pictures and cover photos on both sites have been replaced to show only a Call of Duty logo set to a black background in the former and a solid black box for the latter. The bio for the series' Twitter account has also been updated to say "Going Dark," and neither platform has shared a post within the past few days, so they've indeed gone dark.

Call of Duty Twittewr
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Activision has said in the past that the next Call of Duty game would be revealed by the end of June, so the company will be well within its projected window if the game is revealed this week. That's looking to be a likely outcome given the reports that pegged May 30th as the reveal date coupled with the new social media teasers. It wouldn't make much sense to update them and then not capitalize on the hype by revealing the game soon afterwards.

Assuming Sony has its next State of Play stream on May 30th like a recent report has suggested, perhaps we'll see the Call of Duty game make an appearance there. PlayStation users benefit from Sony's deal with Activision and the Call of Duty games by getting the first crack at new content, so it wouldn't be out of the question to see something in the stream about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or whatever it may be called.