Arrest Made In Call Of Duty Swatting Incident Related To Kansas Man's Death


Just yesterday we reported the tragic news of an innocent man being shot, and killed, due to a swatting prank gone horribly, horribly wrong. The incident occurred when two boys got into a fight during a Call of Duty match, which went from an average heated argument to deadly in a blink of an eye and a stranger was caught in the crossfire. Today, an arrest has been made.

The Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed that they have arrested a man in the South LA area in connection with the recent Swatting event. 25 year old Tyler Barriss was taken in regarding phoning in a hoax phone call to police in Kansas, resulting in an unsuspecting man's death. The prank call was made with a completely fabricated story about a man that killed someone, and was holding hostages. When police responded, they responded with brute force borne from a grave error. Andrew Finch, age 28, was the victim.

As mentioned in our earlier post, for those that may be unaware about what the term Swatting means:

"Swatting, for those of you who don't know, is an idiotic and irresponsible form of harassment used by man-babies who don't like losing at video games. When someone wants to go out of their way to harm or inconvenience their opponent, they'll hire someone to call in a fake threat to their home, triggering a SWAT response. Can't beat your opponent in Call of Duty? No need to throw a fit, just call the police and tell them that your opponent is violent, wielding weapons, and holding hostages. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?"

(via ABC7)