Call of Duty: Warzone Player Demonstrates How to Perfectly Take Out Campers

Since its release just a few short weeks ago, Activition's Call of Duty: Warzone has become a big hit with battle royale fans. Due to its short time available, however, players are still discovering many of the game's intricacies. For example, campers have always provided a bit of difficulty in battle royale games, and they can often prove irksome for other players. However, Reddit user top_tier_lolicon found out a perfect way to dispatch a trio of campers in Warzone using the game's Spotter perk. It's a pretty clever feat, and it likely led to some major grumbling from the opposing players!

In the video, a trio has holed up on a rooftop, and surrounded the door with claymores and a proximity mine. Using the Spotter perk, top_tier_lolicon hacks the claymores and the mine. However, he still has to get his opponents to set them off. So, he makes as much commotion in the stairwell as possible, using gunshots and breaking the glass window. When the campers finally come out to investigate, they set off their own trap, allowing top_tier_lolicon to finish off what the claymores and mine started.

As more players discover Call of Duty: Warzone, it seems increasingly likely more videos like this will start to surface. Part of the fun of MMOs is the way that different strategies begin to take shape as time goes on. While the original poster's strategy worked well in this scenario, campers might learn different ways to adapt to the Spotter perk's use, and change up their play style, as a result. In these types of games, everyone is learning on the fly, and the game will drastically change as they do.

Go bazoombala ba-ba-bazoo bam bam-boo, fool 'em! Oh wait wrong battle royale from r/CODWarzone

Of course, the game's success will also play a part in how strategies develop and evolve. In the game's first 24 hours available, more than six million players played Call of Duty: Warzone, far outpacing other battle royale games on the market. Time will tell if the game will be able to sustain that kind of interest, but it certainly seems likely that Call of Duty fans will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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