Call of Duty: Warzone Players Spot Flying Missiles Ahead of Nuclear Event

Thanks to a horde of zombies it seems like we are collecting inching ever-closer to a catastrophic event on Call of Duty: Warzone's Verdansk, one that will likely leave the entire island a nuclear wasteland if the various rumors and leaks have any truth to them. With the new Season 2 Reloaded update, the video game appears to have taken one step closer to the expected event as players are starting to spot missiles flying over the island.

Following the rollout of the update, players began posting screenshots and videos of in-game missiles on social media. These missiles aren't coming from enemy players, and they don't seem to be landing anywhere close by, so it feels like they're strictly for show at this point. Take a look at one of the incoming missiles below.

The long and tumultuous destruction of Verdansk really kicked off in Season 2, with the arrival of zombies on the island. The mysterious boat off the coast inched ever-closer until it finally made landfall, bringing the undead with it. In the weeks sense, the zombies have been slowly spreading to more and more locations on the island. At some point very soon, there will be zombies walking around every inch of Verdansk, and it will be time for the island to go, hence the missiles.

The big question is what will happen next for Verdansk. Will players head back to a post-apocalyptic version of the island where everything looks different? Or will all of Warzone be transported to an entirely new location, free of an undead infestation? We likely won't know until the arrival of Season 3, when more changes arrive.


One of the biggest hiccups when thinking about the future of Warzone is the next installment of the Call of Duty series. If it does take place in World War II, as has been rumored, it probably won't be able to connect with Warzone as seamlessly as Black Ops Cold War, if at all. The Warzone map will have to find new, standalone ways to evolve throughout 2022 if there isn't a new game being merged into it.

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