Call of Duty: WWII Beta Increases Level Cap, Adds Kill Confirmed Mode


Activision responded to Call of Duty: WWII players' feedback during the beta by increasing the level cap once again and making various other changes including the addition of a new game mode.

With the beta version active for the second week in a row for PlayStation 4 owners and the first week for Xbox One players, this isn't the first time that Sledgehammer Games and Activision have updated the beta to add more content. The first update featured a similar level cap increase with new incentives added such as equipment and weapons, and the most recent one contains more of the same.

The update upped the level cap to 35 as opposed to 30 with several new unlockables to be earned along the climb. The M1928 SMG and a Machine Pistol were both added, weapons that are available at levels 34 and 33, respectively. A new Flamethrower scorestreak was also added that can be unlocked at level 32, and Instincts and Concussed were added to the list of basic training options.

Kill Confirmed also returned from older game modes to the Most Pit playlist, a popular game mode that requires players to take a few more risks after killing enemies in order to earn points for their team. Changes were also made to existing game modes such as the score limit for Team Deathmatch being increased to 100 and kills on Domination having their point value increased to 100.

The Molotov scorestreak received a nerf that limits players to carrying only one explosive when they activate the scorestreak, and the difficulty of the Paratroopers was also increased. If the aiming down the sights when exiting your sprint felt a bit sluggish as well, players will be happy to hear that they can now aim quicker when exiting the run.


While controller layout changes didn't ship with the beta's update, Activision also responded to players' feedback concerning the controller mappings that'll be available. On release, the next Call of Duty game will include the following layouts:

  • Bumper Jumper
  • Bumper Jumper Tactical
  • Stick and Move
  • Charlie
  • One-Hand Gunslinger
  • Scout
  • N0M4D L3F7Y
  • Brawler
  • Beast

Call of Duty: WWII continues in its beta phase for now and is releasing on Nov. 3.