Call of Duty WWII New Map and Game Mode Teased by Sledgehammer

In Sledgehammer Games' weekly update, the developers of the latest Call of Duty title, WWII, [...]

In Sledgehammer Games' weekly update, the developers of the latest Call of Duty title, WWII, opened up about their most recent DLC map pack that recently released, The War Machine. While PlayStation 4 members got to test it out first, the Egypt, V2, and Dunkirk maps were pretty much an instant hit. Pair that with the aviation-heavy Operation Husky, and overall the DLC received a positive reception. Looks like we won't have to wait too long for the next content drop, however, because the Sledgehammer crew decided to give us a few teasers on what's to come.

The first reveal was the new playlist coming next week: Ground War. This mode will pit 18 players against each other in two teams, versus the usual 10.

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In addition to the new playlist, they've also made some key adjustments to weapon orders following fan feedback. According to a corresponding Reddit post:

"We'll be increasing the frequency of these Weapon Orders from once weekly to once daily. This means that every day, a new weapon will be available via Daily Order for those of you who love to grind.

We'll also be letting you know periodically which weapon classes we'll be featuring each week, so you have a better idea of what's coming. Thank you so much again for sharing your thoughts and concerns with us! It's been very helpful as we continue to make adjustments.

First up: This week, we're featuring Daily Orders for LMGs, Pistols, Shotguns, and Rifles."

The Headquarters is also set to become an official map, which makes it "new" in a sense. Once the new update goes live, it will be selectable from the main menu, though we don't yet know the size of the map itself or which modes will be applicable to it.

For those that are super into Zombies, there is double XP going on from now until April 16th ending at 10 AM PDT. Take out zombies, earn extra XP, git gud.

To read the full community update, you can check out what they had to say here. You can even learn more about Doktor Straub, born in Wiesbaden 1892, and his sordid past during this tumultuous time period.