Call of Duty: WWII Brings Back Old-School Perks This Weekend

Call of Duty: WWII is letting players use some of the most iconic perks from the series’ history [...]

Call of Duty WWII
(Photo: Sledgehammer Games)

Call of Duty: WWII is letting players use some of the most iconic perks from the series' history this weekend during Weekend Warfare.

As part of the weekly update from Sledgehammer Games, the developers announced that this Weekend Warfare that's now live will bring back perks like Commando Pro, Juggernaut, and more. The expanded list of perks follows feedback from players during a recent event that included several of the classic perks.

To use these perks, you'll want to head to the special Moshpit playlist where you'll also be earning double XP throughout the weekend.

"This weekend, make sure to hop on and take advantage of 2XP on the Throwback Moshpit playlist in the Featured tab, live until Monday, May 14," Sledgehammer Games' update said. "We're talking old-school Modern Warfare and MW2 perks as Basic Trainings! We saw how much the community enjoyed the traditional Killstreaks with the Blitzkrieg Basic Training, so we decided to bring back some more MW classics."

For those unfamiliar with the perks from the older Modern Warfare games and what they do, the full list of what's included in this Weekend Warfare playlist is seen below.

Commando Pro:

  • + Increased melee range, and no damage from falling
  • + Bonus: Melee faster

Danger Close:

  • + Explosives deal more damage
  • + Bonus: Frag x3

Double Tap:

  • + Greatly increased fire rate of weapons
  • + Bonus: Significantly improved hip-fire accurac


  • + Increased health


  • + Drop a live grenade on death
  • + Bonus: Shortens fuse of explosives

Stopping Power:

  • + Deal Increased bullet damage

Stun x3:

  • + Three British No69 concussion grenades
  • + Bonus: Immune to Shell Shock & Tactical Equipment

In another response to players' feedback, Sledgehammer Games is bringing back the popular game mode called Ground War. The game mode that holds many more players than usual will be returning on Wednesday and will be "here to stay" this time, according to Sledgehammer Games.

Players may have also noticed that Requisitions has been nerfed. Sledgehammer Games provided an explanation for this nerf by discussing the intentions for the perk.

"After taking into consideration community feedback and data, we nerfed Requisitions. We wanted to give the community some insight into our decision. First off, the Requisitions Basic Training was intended to provide novice players with a route to earn mid-tier Scorestreaks. Only on exceptional matches were highly-skilled players meant to be able to acquire top-tier streaks like the Ball Turret Gunner. However, the current frequency with which players are able to earn these top-tier streaks with the training is far too high. To address this issue, we've raised the cost of the top 5 Scorestreaks by 600-1200 score when using the Requisitions Basic Training."

The full update from Sledgehammer Games can be seen here.