Capcom Adds A Ton Of Game Soundtracks to Spotify

Many video game players enjoy the music that is part of their favorite titles. Whether it's a song that evokes emotions felt while playing a particular game or one that is just a blast to listen to, there's no denying the part music plays in the gaming realm. That said, Capcom recently unloaded a plethora of game soundtracks onto Spotify, which should keep gamers' ears busy for some time to come.

The library that was added to Spotify by the Capcom Sound Team contains a staggering amount of soundtracks. Some of them are remix albums, others are composed albums, but all of it will likely bring back fond memories of playing through Capcom's extensive video game catalog.

Some of the soundtracks uploaded to Spotify include the likes of the Mega Man series, Phoenix Wright, the Street Fighter franchise, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Okami, and so much more.

While most of the album names and tracks are in Japanese, the cover art for each is a pretty good indicator as to what you'll be listening to. Upon listening through the mountain of music, however, it's noticeable that some of the albums are region-locked. Most notably, all of the Resident Evil soundtracks, while present, are unavailable in the US. Same goes for Monster Hunter World.

This is certainly unfortunate for anyone looking forward to listening to the music featured in these titles, but here's to hoping they are unlocked in the near future. In addition to this, there are plenty more Capcom titles that will hopefully make an appearance at some point in the catalog. Until then, however, there is plenty to listen to thanks to the Capcom Sound Team.


If you're looking to give some great Capcom video game soundtracks a listen, you can check out the full library for yourself right here.

What do you think about this? Are you glad to see Capcom release a bounty of their video game soundtracks on the popular streaming platform? Which albums do you wish had made the cut? Will they be adding more in the future? Let's discuss in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!