Capcom Vancouver Wanted to Make a New Dino Crisis Game

Years ago, Capcom's now-defunct Vancouver studio pitched its Japanese parent company on a number [...]

Years ago, Capcom's now-defunct Vancouver studio pitched its Japanese parent company on a number of different projects featuring classic Capcom IP, including Dino Crisis. The news was revealed in a new series of interviews conducted by Did You Know Gaming. Apparently, Capcom Vancouver had put several months of work into a pitch for that specific game, but it never got off the ground. That wasn't the only IP that Capcom Vancouver was interested in. Apparently, the team also pitched a spin-off of Resident Evil, as well as a new 2D Mega Man game. None of these projects came to fruition, however, and the studio shuttered in 2018.

While the news will come as a disappointment to Dino Crisis fans holding out hope for a new game, it does show that Capcom hasn't completely forgotten the IP. Many fans have wanted to see the game get a remake on the scale of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, but the publisher seems to be focusing on more Resident Evil remakes, instead.

Unfortunately, the dino-centric series has languished since 2003's Dino Crisis 3. That game strayed quite a bit from the 1999 original; while the first Dino Crisis could best be summarized as "Resident Evil meets Jurassic Park," Dino Crisis 3 took place in a far-off future. The game was poorly received by fans and critics alike, and the title's poor quality hurt interest in the series. The franchise has survived, however, thanks to references and cameos in other Capcom games, such as Namco x Capcom. Of course, it should be noted that Capcom Vancouver's final project was Dead Rising 4, a title that also received poor reception. If the team had released another sub-par Dino Crisis game, it might have made it even more difficult for the franchise to get back off the ground.

For now, fans of Dino Crisis will just have to keep making Capcom aware that they want a new iteration in the series. In the video game industry, good franchises tend not to languish for too long. With new remakes and reboots constantly getting announced, it seems all too likely that Dino Crisis' time will arrive sooner, rather than later.

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