New Castlevania Game Potentially Teased by Konami

A new entry in Konami's Castlevania series may have just been teased in a roundabout way. In recent months, rumors have continued to suggest that Konami will look to announce a new Castlevania game of some sort later this year. And while this would be the first mainline Castlevania installment to be shown off in nearly a decade, it looks like Konami itself may have already tipped its hand about such a reveal. 

Spotted by Gematsu, Konami recently filed a new trademark for something entitled "Project Zircon." This trademark, which was filed in Japan just last week, is assumed to be for a video game of some sort. Currently, details tied to Project Zirco are pretty much nonexistent outside of this title itself. It's also worth stressing that Project Zircon is surely just a placeholder for a more formal name that Konami is keeping under wraps. 

So how could Project Zircon be related to Castlevania? Well, as Gematsu was quick to point out, zircon is actually an item that has previously been mentioned in the Castlevania series. Zircon itself is said to be a jewel that players could find in various Castlevania games. And while this alone doesn't tell us that this trademark is tethered to Castlevania, it seems like this is the most logical conclusion to draw for the time being. 

If Konami does end up revealing a new Castlevania game this year, this June's E3 2023 event is where such an announcement seems likely to happen. As previous reports have suggested, Konami is going to have a "pretty big" presence at E3 this year and could be planning a number of different reveals tied to some of its biggest properties. Although there's no guarantee just yet that a new Castlevania title will be shown off at this time, E3 seems like the venue to keep an eye on. 

Are you holding out hope that a new Castlevania game will be unveiled at some point this year? And what would you like to see from a completely new installment in the series? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on social media at @MooreMan12