Catan Studio Reveals New Catan - 3D Edition

Catan's tried, true, and addictive gameplay is a tabletop staple, and the game continues to be one [...]

Catan's tried, true, and addictive gameplay is a tabletop staple, and the game continues to be one of the most popular games in the genre. Now you can experience it in a brand new way, as Catan Studio and Asmodee have revealed Catan - 3D Edition, which allows you to play the classic game in three dimensions. The island of Catan now comes alive like never before, as your settlements grow and cities expand not through gameplay but also physically in front of your eyes, as you'll see terrain like mountains, fields, forests, and cities populate the landscape on 3D hex tiles, and all of the terrain is hand-painted, and you can see it for yourself in the images below.

The new 3D edition comes in a snazzy case to boot and includes a card sorting tray and custom Catan dice, which you can also check out in the images below. If this is up your alley, you can pre-order Catan. -3D Edition for $300 right here.

(Photo: Catan Studio/Asmodee)

"CATAN – 3D Edition is the product of years of diligent effort and attention to detail," said Pete Fenlon, CEO of CATAN Studio. "Our goal was to create a durable premium product that not only looks beautiful on a game table, but that also creates a visually stunning foundation for immersive storytelling."

It's actually been 15 years since the original 3D Edition of the game was released, and with tabletop gaming experiencing a surge of popularity and increased awareness amongst gamers new to the hobby, this seems like the perfect time for an updated version.

(Photo: Catan Studio/Asmodee)

"The gaming hobby has grown by leaps and bounds since the last time we released a 3D edition more than 15 years ago," Fenlon said. "There is a whole new generation of players who have been eagerly awaiting this game. Using refined designs and improved technology, we're thrilled to finally be able to share it with them."

You can find the official description for Catan - 3D Edition and what the box contains below.

(Photo: Catan Studio/Asmodee)

"Welcome to an experience so big we had to add another dimension! The island of Catan rises up from the table for an immersive game experience like no other. Settlements grow up from fertile grain fields and cities nestle into the sides of majestic mountains. You can almost hear the sheep baa-ing in their pastures.

This long-awaited 3D Edition of the contemporary classic board game CATAN is based on terrain tiles that were hand sculpted by the game designer Klaus Teuber himself. All of the terrain is hand painted for stunning color, and intricately designed player pieces are antiqued for a look that is full of history and character."

CATAN – 3D Edition Contains:

Hand-painted 3D terrain hex tiles, sea frames, and harbor markers

Antiqued 3D player pieces in four colors

Antiqued robber figure

Card sorting trays

Custom CATAN dice

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