The Witcher 4 Is Out as CD Projekt Red Focuses On Cyberpunk, Gwent


For those of you expecting another go-around with Geralt of Rivia in a new Witcher game, you're going to be waiting. Like a while.

That's because CD Projekt Red is going full speed ahead on other projects, namely Cyberpunk 2077, which the developer has been talking about for some time. Its CEO, Adam Kicinski, recently spoke with Polish website about the company's future projects, though it did briefly discuss its Witcher series.

Kicinski basically noted that there are no current plans for The Witcher IV to come out, since the company originally envisioned the saga more as a trilogy. He also noted that The Witcher III: Wild Hunt essentially serves as a definitive end to that series.

That noted, he did also say that they still have rights to the Witcher IP, and there's a good chance it could return with new titles in the world in the future. That's not the plan for now, but they'll work on it again later on, since fans and investors alike wouldn't be too fond of CD Projekt Red abandoning such a money-making franchise. Whether Geralt will be involved in those chapters has yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, Kicinski had plenty to say about Cyberpunk 2077. He noted that the game will be much bigger than scope than anyone of the company's games – even The Witcher III – and they hope it will raise the quality bar even higher than any previous efforts. It's also been confirmed to have a very beefy online component, though Kicinski didn't let too many details slip about multiplayer just yet – though this leak may suggest what the team is going for. The team is quite pleased with Cyberpunk's progress, and they can't wait to show it to the world.

Kicinski also had plenty to say about Gwent, the card spin-off from the Witcher series. He noted that's serving more as a Game as a Service, and that the team really learned a lot about multiplayer features when putting it together. He also noted that the game was supposed to be deeply integrated with GOG Galaxy on a number of platforms, and not just PC. The infrastructure appears to be build around that site.

In addition, he also hinted that Gwent could be coming to "future platforms," possibly hinting at a Nintendo Switch port (but stopped just short of mentioning it), and also said it's still in a very early stage of development, but there are plans to support it in a big way when it finally releases. The team hopes to introduce many new features for the game in early 2018, with a huge marketing campaign planned around it.


It sounds like CD Projekt Red knows exactly what it wants with its future line-up, be it Cyberpunk, Gwent or whatever it has planned for the Witcher franchise. Whatever the case, the company should have something amazing for us planned by next year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.