Cheritz Bans over 200 Mystic Messenger Hackers

This week, South Korean game maker Cheritz announced the removal and ban of 209 registered Mystic [...]

(Photo: Cheritz)

This week, South Korean game maker Cheritz announced the removal and ban of 209 registered Mystic Messenger user accounts that the studio called hackers. In an almost ironic turn of events for fans of the game who know about its 'Hacker vs. Hacker' storyline elements, the company detailed how all of these accounts allegedly been hacking the game and using its code for "malicious" purposes. Here's what Cheritz had to say about the matter:

We'd like to inform you about the service restriction we have applied to the accounts that have turned out to have exploited abusive behaviors and programs while playing "Mystic Messenger."

We have discovered that the following accounts have been changing the original game program for malicious purpose or tried to hack the game for data manipulation, and these accounts will be "banned permanently from game service."

Coincidentally, the latest Mystic Messenger storyline focuses on a character who, in the game, hacks the app that the player is using in order to wreak havoc among the rest of the cast. The character goes by many names, like Unknown and Ray, but his real name is Saeran, and his last name is a spoiler. Unknown is the person who lures the player into the entire scenario, and his route has been asked for since right around the time of the game's launch in 2016. Unfortunately for these hackers, their real-life parody of the antagonist's in-game actions didn't work out so well.

Mystic Messenger is an otome-style mobile game based within South Korea where players must build relationships with 7 current prospective soul mates, telling the story of a charity organization that gets the ground lifted from underneath it's feet when tragedy strikes. Its up to the player to either help the group rebuild or tear it apart from the inside, and if that isn't dark enough, there's plenty of weird stuff involving religious drug cults and human experimentation to satisfy your super messed up dating sim cravings. The game found worldwide success shortly after it released in 2016, with a player base reaching into the hundred thousands early on.

Mystic Messenger is out now for the iOS and Android.

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