Here's What Christian Bale Would Look Like as Metal Gear Solid's Snake

A creation by well-known artist BossLogic now gives us a look at what a Christian Bale portrayal of Metal Gear Solid’s Snake might look like.

BossLogic turned the long-haired Bale who’s known for playing Batman among other roles into Snake in a movie poster style that features a dramatic post and the Metal Gear Solid brand at the bottom. The artist shared the creation below on Instagram to give everyone a preview of Bale as the games’ protagonist.

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Bale was brought up in recent discussions about the upcoming movie from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts that’s based off the series of games, so it seemed inevitable that he’d eventually get turned into Snake by someone. During an interview with IGN regarding some concept art for the movie, Vogt-Roberts said that Bale’s likeness was used to help design Snake’s character for the artwork. He stressed that this isn’t any indication of who might be cast to play Snake, but the reveal of who the promo Snake was based on was enough to get people thinking.

The Bale-as-Snake creation’s gotten mixed responses though from some who say that he looks like a spot-on fit for the character while others suggested that someone else should take up the mantle as Snake. You've got comments ranging from "eww no" to those saying the idea could work while others said the actor would kill it as Snake. Matt Damon and Scott Eastwood among others were suggested with Chris Evans also showing up frequently as an idea. We don’t have to wonder what the Captain America and Avengers star would look like as Snake though since BossLogic gave us that vision exactly one year ago today by recreating Evans as Snake in the midst of last year’s San Diego Comic-Con.


Though Evans came first, this version of Bale as Snake is actually the third from BossLogic. The artist shared another creation recently that turned The Walking Dead’s and The Punisher’s Jon Bernthal into Snake. The story behind the creations goes back even further than that though with BossLogic turning Bernthal into various Street Fighter characters that led to many pointing out that the actor could fill the role of Snake after seeing him as Ryu.

Nobody has been cast yet for the role of Snake in Vogt-Roberts’ Metal Gear Solid movie, so perhaps there’s a chance one of these actors will take on the role after all.