Civilization VI: Rise And Fall Expansion's Epic Announcement Trailer And Release Date

Civilization VI is finally getting its first expansion and it is definitely one for the ages! Not [...]


Civilization VI is finally getting its first expansion and it is definitely one for the ages! Not only do we have a brand spankin' new announcement trailer, but we have a release date as well! Civilization VI: Rise and Fall will be making its way to the popular strategy game this February!

"Civilizations are not set in stone," the announcement starts out. The Rise and Fall expansion is all about challenging what we know, what we've built - a dynamic new way to enjoy a game that has an incredibly loyal fanbase; and for good reason. Anton Strenger, Lead Designer for the new expansion, opened up a little bit about what changes are coming to strategy game:

"The biggest, over-arching goal: dynamic empires. Civilizations will rise and fall through the course of the game (as you probably figured out from the title). Borders will ebb and flow. Cities will change their loyalties.

As a secondary goal, Civilization VI: Rise and Fall iincludes more storytelling elements – Historic Moments – that highlight the interesting turning points in your civilizations. These events happen every time you play, making playthroughs unique, while also giving them meaning in the mechanics."

The official reveal brings with it news on the Golden and Dark ages, how to earn loyalty, allies, and more. What makes this franchise a staple, however, is the ability to retell your own history:

Fans of Civilization know that each game plays out in its own way, with its own unique story. With Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, we are bringing that story into the spotlight by adding more ways to track the progress of a player's civilization than ever before.

So as players progress in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, they earn Historic Moments. These are mini-achievements for doing cool things in the world (and there are over 100 of them in the game right now). They include things like circumnavigating the world, training your unique unit, founding a religion, and building districts with high adjacency bonuses. Many grant an even bigger bonus if you're the "world's first" civilization to make the achievement. These Historic Moments, taken together, form a story for your game with unique details tailored to your empire.

Historic Moments are represented two ways. First, they increase your Era Score, helping you achieve a Golden Age. Second, they are added to your Timeline, which is a place in the UI that displays all your accomplishments in a game. This Timeline has tons of custom illustrations for each different moment, and is a very cool representation of your empire's history during your unique game. On a more practical note, it is also a useful way to remind yourself of what you have been up to if you return to a saved game after a few days away. Ultimately, the Timeline is a way to illustrate your story."

Civilizations VI: Rise and Fall will be available February 8th.