Code Vein Will Have a Distress Signal Multiplayer Feature

New details revealed for Code Vein suggest that the game will have a multiplayer feature that [...]

Code Vein
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New details revealed for Code Vein suggest that the game will have a multiplayer feature that involves sending out a distress signal to bring in outside help.

The information for the RPG that's been described as a mix of vampires, anime, and Dark Souls combat comes from the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu that described the game's multiplayer system and the distress signal feature. This system works by allowing players to call in another real partner to assist them in clearing out dungeons. These dungeons will usually be cleared by an individual player and the help of an NPC partner, but the other player can be summoned if certain conditions are met. What these "certain conditions" involve wasn't revealed, but it was confirmed that the new multiplayer partner would be able to temporarily accompany the initial player by traveling in their party alongside the NPC character. The effects of the NPC's Gifts will also be extended to the second player.

Different forms of communication are also available in the game's multiplayer component that consist of custom emotes made up of various actions. Gestures, stamps, and voices are all actions that can be bundled into an emote that can be saved for future use to share tactical information and will just as likely be used to goof off when summoning another player.

Two new characters were also revealed alongside the multiplayer info, characters named Karen and Chris Silva. These characters are connected to the QUEEN Project, a part of the game's story that consists of experiments conducted that were centered around the game's blood-hungry characters. Blood plays a central role in Code Vein with Blood Veils used to drain enemies, enhance abilities, and using the Gifts mentioned previously.

"Experience the power of blood as you use unique Blood Veils to drain your enemies to enhance your abilities," a description of the game read. "Using 'Gifts' powered by enemy blood, players can increase their strength, weaken enemies, and utilize new weapon abilities and overpowered attacks."

A release date has not been provided for Code Vein, but it's expected to launch sometime in 2018.

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