'Saga' Artist Fiona Staples Shows Off Gorgeous 'Critical Role' Fan Art

Saga artist Fiona Staples is apparently a 'Critter.'Yesterday on Instagram, Staples showed off her [...]

Saga artist Fiona Staples is apparently a "Critter."

Yesterday on Instagram, Staples showed off her latest work, fan art featuring the character Mollymauk from Critical Role, a Geek & Sundry series in which a group of voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons. Mollymauk is played by Taliesin Jaffe, the voice actor of the Flash in Injustice II and Blanka in multiple Street Fighter games.

Staples is an Eisner Award winning artist best known for illustrating the Image series Saga, a sci-fi fantasy series considered by many to be one of the best comics on stands today. Her work has also appeared in books like Archie and Northlanders.

Mollymauk is a Tiefling, a humanoid character with a fiendish ancestor like a devil or demon. While many are prejudiced against tieflings due to their infernal heritage, they actually don't have any innate tendencies towards evil. In fact, Mollymauk is a Blood Hunter, a special class dedicated to snuffing out evil.

While we don't know much about Mollymauk's past, we do know that he can infuse his twin blades with arcane power by using them to draw his own blood.

The Critical Role fanbase, who often refer to themselves as "Critters," include numerous artists, including some within the comics industry. Kid Lobotomy artist Tess Fowler is also a big fan of the show and has occasionally posted fan art of some of the characters. Lumberjanes co-creator Noelle Stevenson has even made a guest appearance on Critical Role as the dwarven were-bear Tova.

Of course, the Critical Role cast are all big comic book fans themselves. Not only does Critical Role have its own comic book (published by Dark Horse), but they often pepper in references to various comic books and comic-related projects on their show. Jaffe is even one of the co-hosts of The Wednesday Club, a weekly Geek & Sundry show that focuses on the new releases of the week.

Critical Role airs on Thursday evenings at 7 PM PT on Twitch and Alpha.