Vox Machina to Return in 'Critical Role' Live Show

The cast of Critical Role is bringing back most of the characters from their beloved first [...]

The cast of Critical Role is bringing back most of the characters from their beloved first campaign during a special live show in January.

Earlier today, Critical Role announced "Vox Machina: The Search for Grog," a new one-shot that will take place at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday January 19th. VIP tickets will go on sale on December 15th and general admission tickets will go on sale on December 16th.

The new live episode will bring back most of the player characters from Critical Role's first campaign, which lasted over 100 episodes and ended in late 2017. Sam Riegel, Taliesin Jaffe, Laura Bailey, and Marisha Ray will bring back Scanlan, Percy, Vex'ahlia, and Keyleth. Meanwhile cast members Travis Willingham and Liam O'Brien will play new characters, as Willingham's Grog has seemingly disappeared and O'Brien's character Vax died at the end of the first campaign.

The episode will follow Vax Machina as they enter into the Plane of Pandemonium to save Grog after he is banished there due to an unlucky pull from the Deck of Many Things. D&D fans will recognize the Deck of Many Things as an infamous magic item comprising of cards that have either beneficial or extremely devastating effects. The episode actually takes place during a two week time period during the final Vox Machina episode that started when Grog pulled the "Void" card from his Deck of Many Things.

Many Critical Role fans fell in love with the popular web series while following Vox Machina's adventures, which can all be found on YouTube. The group saved the kingdom of Tal'dorei from vengeful vampires, dragon cabals, and even an arch-lich demigod before retiring from adventuring.

Critical Role also announced "The Art of Exandria," a new art exhibit that will run from January 18th-20th at the Nucleus Art Gallery in Alhambra , CA. The exhibit will feature art drawn and painted by fans of the show and curated by the cast of Critical Role. The Gallery will also host a free opening reception on the 18th from 7 PM to 11 PM. An RSVP is required to go to the reception, but otherwise the gallery is open to the public.

The Theatre at Ace Hotel holds 1,600 people, so tickets will likely go fast. General admission tickets go on sale at 10 AM on December 16th. The AXS ticket page can be found here.