Critical Role is Teaming Up With Wendy's for a Special One-Shot

Critical Role is teaming up with a unique sponsor for this week's episode. Critical Role has [...]

Critical Role is teaming up with a unique sponsor for this week's episode. Critical Role has announced that this week's upcoming one-shot will be sponsored and themed by Wendy's - the fast food restaurant known for its square hamburger paddies and redheaded mascot. The one-shot will be DMed by Sam Riegel and will feature Critical Role cast members Matt Mercer, Marisha Ray, Liam O'Brien, and special guest Ify Nwadiwe. It's unclear whether the one-shot will use Dungeons & Dragons or another tabletop RPG system, but a Tweet by Wendy's (seen below) seems to hint at a definite fantasy theme. Since Riegel is running the special one-shot, we're all but guaranteed a hilarious and delightfully bizarre experience.

Critical Role is a popular webseries about a group of voice actors who play Dungeons & Dragons. What started off as a home game among friends has turned into a media powerhouse, with the show starting its own studio and running a Twitch channel with regular weekly content. In addition to its flagship show (which draws in about a half million viewers per week), Critical Role also raised over $11 million to animate a series based on their first Dungeons & Dragons campaign and recently announced partnerships with Funko, McFarlane Toys, Random Penguin House, and other companies to manufacture licensed products. Critical Role is also a guaranteed traffic driver at conventions, as the show regularly sells out theaters and auditoriums for special live shows and panels.

While Wendy's might seem like an odd fit for Critical Role, the company is known for its unique marketing, which has included building a restaurant on a barge and making its own level in Super Mario Maker. Teaming up with Critical Role seems like an obvious way to build up some good will and score a Natural 20 with Critical Role fans.

The Wendy's themed one-shot will air on Critical Role's Twitch channel on Thursday at 7 PM PT and will be available on Critical Role's YouTube the following Monday.