Crucible Update Addresses Matchmaking Problems

Amazon's Crucible is now available on PC, but gamers have already started to encounter issues with matchmaking. Fortunately, developer Relentless Studios seems well aware of the problem, and is starting to make changes in order to shorten the long wait times that players have been dealing with. The free-to-play, team-based game has been highly-anticipated since its announcement, and demand is likely playing some role in the game's early difficulties. Still, issues such as these are not uncommon for an online game at launch, and it's a good sign for Crucible's future that Relentless Studios is already working to address the problem.

Outside of the fixes to matchmaking, Relentless Studios has already made a number of additional changes to Crucible in just the last few hours. Notably, the game is now available to players outside of North America, and a handful of bug fixes have been made. Amazon clearly sees the game as a major competitor for titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite; ironing out early issues will be a major factor in helping the game achieve that goal.

While the matchmaking has been problematic for some players, it seems that reception across social media has been otherwise strong for Crucible in the short time since its release. Outside of the matchmaking, one of the biggest issues players seem to be dealing with involves communication with teammates. Crucible does not currently support voice chat, and players want to see it implemented sooner, rather than later.

In Crucible, players must not only contend with other hunters, but also with the locales themselves, as the environments can prove just as deadly. Players can currently select from 10 different characters, and three different game modes, including Heart of the Hives, Alpha Hunters, and Harvester Command. Those that haven't yet tried Crucible can find out more about the game by reading ComicBook's impressions of the game, which can be found here. Crucible is one of two major releases coming this year from Amazon Games, with the other being New World.

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