Crysis Remastered Update Adds New PS5, Xbox Series X|S Features

If you’re looking for an even better Crysis Remastered experience on consoles, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S can now offer that thanks to the game’s latest update. Developer Crytek announced that it’s now released an update for the game that adds new support for the next-gen consoles. Following the release of the update, each console will feature different modes players can choose from depending on whether they prefer performance over quality.

The same update added a new console level called “Ascension” among other things, but the big highlight for those with the newer consoles was the support for those devices that’s now enabled. Crytek shared the patch notes for the Xbox and PlayStation updates within the game’s subreddit to detail what was new.

You can check out the patch notes in full through the links above which consist of a whole lot of bugfixes alongside the new features, but if you’re just looking for details on how Crysis Remastered will now play on the newer consoles, you can find the breakdown of the different playable modes below that depend on what console you’re playing on.

PlayStation 5

  • Performance mode – 1080p - 60 fps
  • Quality mode - 1800p - 60 fps
  • RayTracing - 1440p - 60 fps

Xbox Series X

  • Performance mode - 1080p - 60 fps
  • Quality mode – 2160p - 60 fps
  • RayTracing - 1440p - 60 fps

Xbox Series S

  • Performance mode – 1080p - 60 fps
  • Quality mode - 2160p - 30 fps
  • RayTracing - 1080p - 30 fps

For those who haven’t played Crysis Remastered on the newer consoles or those who’ve been waiting on this exact update to play the game there, the big takeaway from these changes overall is that this update marks the first time that the game’s been playable at 60FPS on consoles. You’ll have to make some compromises on the Xbox Series S if you want to enable the Quality Mode or ray tracing, but for all the other consoles, you should be able to play up to 60FPS regardless of the mode you’ve chosen.

Crysis Remastered’s next-gen update is now live on the newer platforms.