This Wild Cyberpunk 2077 PS1 Demake Was Made Entirely Within Dreams

In just a few short months, the hotly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 will finally arrive on Xbox One, Stadia, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 4. The latter platform is also home to Dreams, a creative toolbox that PS4 owners have already used to build some remarkable creations, despite the fact that the game is only available in early access. YouTuber Bearly Regal's latest certainly fits that description. Cyberpunk 1997 is a "demake" of Cyberpunk 2077 meant to evoke the graphics of the original PlayStation. The demake trailer showcases a number of areas inspired by the upcoming game, including Bearly Regal's take on the apartment of lead character V. It certainly looks impressive, to say the least!

Despite the old-school approach, Cyberpunk 1997 still manages to look faithful to the concept of Cyberpunk 2077. Like CD Projekt Red's upcoming title, Cyberpunk 1997 will allow players to fully customize their character, take on missions, and choose between various weapons (though the 9mm Vindicator is the only one showcased in the trailer). When V goes on patrol in the game, the perspective changes from first-person to an overhead vehicle perspective that appears similar to the first two entries in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Bearly Regal has used Dreams to create a number of interesting projects in the past, including a demake of Death Stranding. It's certainly a testament to the tools Dreams provides to creators, but Bearly Regal seems pretty adept at a number of different games with build options. The creator's YouTube channel features a number of other interesting projects, including Resident Evil 2 and Fallout both remade in LEGO Worlds. Some people are just naturally creative no matter what tools they're given!


Games created in Dreams will be playable by the community, so players will eventually be able to experience Cyberpunk 1997 on PS4 for themselves. As of this writing, Bearly Regal has not announced a release date just yet. Dreams, however, is set to arrive on February 14th, while Cyberpunk 2077 has a release date of April 16th.

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