Cyberpunk 2077 E3 Trailer Explained "Frame by Frame" by CD Projekt RED

The Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2018 trailer was stunning, but what many might not know is that those beautiful cinematics? Yeah, those were actual gameplay. We recently got our hands on the title ourselves for a full hour of glorious gameplay, but now the team themselves are sitting down to explain their impressive debut trailer ... one frame at a time.

The explaination comes from a new blog series by the team over at CD Projekt RED going literally by each frame to tell its story. Their first entry explains:

(Photo: CD Projekt RED)

"Night City holds just as many stories as it does citizens, and almost every scene in the E3 2018 trailer tells a story of its own. The E3 2018 trailer is a result of hard work of the entire development team at CD PROJEKT RED and is based on concept art done over the years. Every scene is rendered in-engine and offers a great glimpse into the lives of people in Night City."

"Night City is an independent megacity in the Free State of California, run by corporations. While geographically still in the territory of United States of America, it falls completely outside of California and the US law. Over the years, it’s been fractured by corporation conflicts and gang wars. Those caught in-between, desperately try to survive, as riots and violence take over the city," explains the devs in their first episode talking about how the game itself became such a powerhouse for crime.

The second episode delves into a world of AI and drones and how they intermingle with society. This is especially prevalent with the protagonist V, as they have upgradeable wearable tech to make them even more of a badass.

(Photo: CD Projekt RED)

"In 2077, society is vastly dependent on drones and robotics. From simple camera drones, able to both record and transmit live feed, to big clunky creatures, warehouse machinery and training bots. It’s not unusual for people to see huge automated trash collectors or robots sweeping the streets. Either mass produced by corporations or put together from stolen trashed pieces of tech, robotics serve a huge role in both economics sectors and are an everyday addition to the life of people in Night City."


Even the transportation itself is automated - they are their own entities! Overall, the world of Cyberpunk 2077 will be a wild one, and one still without a release date. That being said, you can catch up on all of our thoughts about the upcoming RPG, as well as stay in the know with the latest news with our Community Hub right here.

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