Cancelled Daredevil Video Game Footage Surfaces

Marvel's Daredevil nearly received his own video game on PlayStation 2, PC, and Xbox back in 2003, but the game was cancelled, and little footage has ever been shown. Fortunately, that has changed, 17 years later! PtoPOnline's Andrew Borman has shared previously unseen footage from the PC build of Daredevil. The title would have featured familiar faces such as the Kingpin, Bullseye, and Elektra, all of which would have worn their iconic attire from the comics. The game would have also featured locations from the series, including the streets of Hell's Kitchen and a boxing arena, likely meant as a reference to Battlin' Jack Murdock.

The footage from the game can be found embedded below.

According to Borman, the build seems quite early, lacking a bit of polish. There are plenty of ways that Daredevil can die in the build, from falling from great heights, to grinding on electrified rails. In order to navigate the game's world, Matt would have been able to swing from his billy-club, as he does in the comics. At the time, Spider-Man games did not require the hero to attach his webbing to a surface in order to swing around, but that would not have been the case for Daredevil. The player would need to be able to see something in order to swing around and, according to Borman, it doesn't work very well.

Notably, the game would have also featured the Black Widow. From the game's files, it seems that Daredevil's former love interest would have acted as a sort of guide in the game. Presumably, when players found Black Widow's familiar icon, the character would give players pertinent information, though further details have not been revealed.


Apparently, Daredevil was cancelled as a result of a number of factors, including in-fighting between Sony and Marvel. A Daredevil game was released for Game Boy Advance that same year, but it's been 17 years since the hero has had a starring role. For now, fans of the character will have to make do with his various appearances in other games, such as Fortnite and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. Perhaps the Man Without Fear will get another chance at the spotlight one day, but for now, fans will have to settle for a look at what might have been.

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