Dark and Darker Hotfix Nerfs Classes, Full Patch Notes

Dark and Darker's latest hotfix nerfs several classes and sets the stage for larger changes in the future.

Dark and Darker finally launched in early access last month on PC. Since launch, developer Ironmace has been consistently rolling out updates to get the fantasy-themed extraction game up to player expectations. Obviously, the game will likely evolve even more over the course of early access, but anyone who has been enjoying Dark and Darker's combat is likely aware of which classes feel overpowered. To that end, Ironmace has released a new hotfix today that nerfs classes like the Bard and Wizard in hopes of "slowing down" gameplay to bring it more in line with the team's original expectations.

Alongside the class changes, Ironmace is introducing several needed bug fixes. For example, they've fixed a problem with trade pop-ups not closing and some of the animations have been changed, likely to help with that speed mentioned above. On top of that, Ironmace announced some open-ended plans for future updates. These aren't totally locked in just yet, but the developers again speak to working on Dark and Darker's "tempo." The team is also working on a "more extensive rework" for the Bard and is going to begin fleshing out the Warlock class. Along the way, the team will also introduce new balance changes, which is expected for a game that is still in active development and doesn't even have its classes fully locked in yet.

(Photo: Ironmace)

The full list of patch notes can be found below or on Dark and Darker's official Discord. The game is available now on PC.

Dark and Darker Hotfix #11 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue where the trade pop-up may not properly close.
  • Movement speed now has a hard cap of 350.
  • The Quarterstaff now deals 100% damage no matter which part of the Quarterstaff hits the opponent.
  • Axe Specialization changed from +5 Additional Physical Damage to +10% Physical Damage Bonus
  • Rogue's Double Jump slow on landing duration reduced from 3s to 2s
  • Wizard's Haste duration decreased from 12 to 6s.
  • Wizard's Invisibility duration decreased from 5 to 3s.
  • Movement speed reduced from 70% to 65% of base move speed when casting with a Spellbook.
  • Movement speed was reduced from 70% to 65% of base movement when casting with a Crystal Ball.
  • Achilles Strike's Physical Damage on hit reduced from 10 to 0 dmg, Damage taken per step decreased from 5 to 1 dmg
  • Achilles Strike's Slow debuff increased from  -10% to -30% move speed
  • Accelerando's duration decreased from 12s to 8s, and movement speed boost decreased from 5/7/9 to 3/5/7 move speed
  • Drum's move speed penalty increased from -20 to -30 move speed
  • Francisca Axe's damage has been slightly reduced.
  • Bard's Song of Silence now targets ALL nearby targets including oneself.
  • The effect radius of Bard's Unchained Harmony has been changed from 600 to 300.
  • Bard's Tranquility now heals 1 recoverable hp/s over 10/20/30 seconds.
  • Bard's Tranquility effect now only applies while resting.
  • Bard's Chorale of Clarity effect now only applies while resting.
  • The animations of Horseman's Axe, Hatchet, and Viking Sword have been slightly changed.

Developer Comments:

We are currently looking into ways of slowing down the high tempo of the high end game since it is much faster than we originally envisioned. Although we have some large changes in the works that specifically target the tempo of the game for the next week, we believe that we needed to address the current speed death ball meta in an urgent manner with some hotfixes. We also plan to have a more extensive rework of the Bard class while starting to flesh out the Warlock in the future update along with continual balance changes to better align with the skill vs gear balance we seek.