Dark Souls 3 Servers Down Again

Back in August, the servers for Dark Souls III on Steam came back online after seven long months of downtime. Unfortunately, the game's servers have gone down once again, prohibiting players from enjoying the game online. The official Dark Souls Twitter account has confirmed the issue, though no specific information has been provided regarding the problem itself, or when fans can expect to see a fix. It remains to be seen whether the downtime will last another seven months, but hopefully this situation will get resolved a whole lot quicker! 

"At this time, there is a confirmed issue with DARK SOULS III online play via the Steam platform," the Dark Souls Twitter account reads. "We are investigating the source of the problem and will inform you as soon as more details become available."

Naturally, fans aren't too happy with the situation! It took a long time for the game's servers to go back up, and they've been back online for less than a month now. The original downtime occurred after an exploit was discovered that would allow the user to gain remote access to a player's PC. Obviously, this was a major cause for concern for everyone involved. At this time, it's unclear if the current downtime for Dark Souls III is related to that original issue, or if this is an entirely new problem.

While this issue is frustrating to say the least, it's exacerbated by the fact that the servers never went back up for Dark Souls: Remastered or Dark Souls II. The servers for those two games on Steam went down at the same time as Dark Souls III, but were never brought back online. When Dark Souls III finally did come back, fans were hopeful that the other two games might follow. Not only has that not proven the case, but now Dark Souls III is back offline again. For now, fans are just going to have to keep waiting patiently and hope for the best!

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[H/T: PC Gamer]