'Darksiders' Series Likely to Continue With Fourth Game


During Gamescom this week, the developers at Gunfire Games had plenty to say about its forthcoming Darksiders III, including how it could very well be looking at a fourth chapter in the series.

Senior designer Richard Vorodi recently spoke during a presentation at the event, and noted that the fans have been guessing there would be a fourth entry in the series, especially with four Horsemen in existence. And since the third seems to be revolving around the ferocious Fury, that leaves just one: Pestilence, or, to some, Strife.

“The plan was always four,” he confirmed, though he didn’t say anything further about when we could expect that particular chapter of the series to come around. After all, the team’s still knee-deep in development for Darksiders III, so we’re guessing it’s all about doing one thing at a time.

That’s fine with us, as the third entry is really shaping up nicely. And Vorodi made it clear as to why Gunfire Games opted to take out the mini-map this time around. “We didn’t think players like them,” he said. “We want players to get lost.”

That said, Vorodi did point out that a tree would be placed in the center of the world, so players could always get a bead where they are, so they don’t get too lost in this immense world. Just don’t forget — sometimes the best stuff you can find within a game such as this lies off the beaten path.

More than likely, THQ Nordic is likely staying mum on further plans for the series until it sees how well Darksiders III sells this holiday season. But with the hype going into it, it’s more than likely going to see a continuation — and hopefully one with a co-op factor that brings all four Horsemen into play. Now that would be a Darksiders experience we could certainly sink our teeth into.

But again, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One game at a time, yeah?


Darksiders III arrives on Nov. 27 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

(Hat tip to US Gamer for the scoop!)