'Days Gone' Director Opens Up About Its Story, Compares It to '28 Days Later'

Days Gone is the upcoming zombie game that isn't like a zombie game - at least according to the game's director. In a genre that seems massively over saturated, the team over at Bend Studio promise that they have crafted a unique tale about the undead, without relying upon overused tropes.

In a recent interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine, Creative Director John Garvin opened up about what Days Gone has to offer and which franchises it should stop being compared to.

In Days Gone, the zombies are called "freakers" and Garvin painted a more detailed picture on what they will be like in the game:

"So we’re like 28 Days Later zombies, instead of Walking Dead zombies. And that’s, to my mind at least, that’s a huge difference. Because what that allowed us to do was to create an ecosystem; you’re in an open world, with a day/night cycle, and you’ve got creatures that need to eat, they need to sleep, they need to drink… all of that is built into the daily cycles of the horde."

How the game plays out will be entirely up to the player, Garvin explained "You find a horde den–a cave or a mine–you can track what they’ve done during the day. You can actually find where they go to feed, because we have all of these mass graves in the world. That’s why they are out here in the wilderness. And then you can find out where they feed, where they drink, and you can follow them and learn their habits, and that’s important, because later on there’s going to be missions where you have to take them out. And they’re just dangerous all the time. If you run into one while you’re on the highway trying to do something else, good things don’t come of that."

Though the Creative Director couldn't give too much away about the story, he did promise that being narratively rich is a "huge part" of the game and that fans looking for a journey to get lost in won't be disappointed.


We've got a couple of amazing events left this year, including the PlayStation Experience, so we're sure that more information will be coming up shortly! Until then, Days Gone is slated to release on February 22, 2018.

Are you excited to see what this adventure brings or are you burnt out on the zombie genre? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below!