Dead by Daylight Announces Endless Hunt DLC Pack

Dead by Daylight is making changes to how you can buy DLC.

Since launching in 2016, Dead by Daylight has seen a lot of content released, including Killers, Survivors, chapter DLCs, and more. For those new to the game, or that haven't spent much money on content, a new option will be coming on May 14th. The Endless Hunt DLC Pack will include Portrait of a Murder, Tools of Torment, Forged in Fog, and Roots of Dread, as well as their accompanying Killers and Survivors. Basically, this is going to work like some of the other packs, consolidating a bunch of material in one place, and making things a little less messy on digital storefronts like the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and Nintendo eShop. 

"We've decided to bundle purchases into new DLC Packs to provide a more convenient and streamlined purchasing experience on first party stores moving forward, as we continue to add content to Dead by Daylight," Behaviour Interactive's website reads. 

That certainly makes a lot of sense! Just doing a search for Dead by Daylight on any platform leads to a mess of results, and for newcomers, it can be daunting trying to figure out what they might want to purchase. Reducing the bloat and consolidating things not only makes sense, it could help make new fans a little more comfortable with the buying process. It also seems that buyers will be getting some exclusive items, though there seems to be some confusion about whether this is previously released content or something entirely new. An image of the Killers and Survivors included in the Endless Hunt pack can be found below. 

(Photo: Behaviour Interactive)

Changes to First-Party Stores

When the Endless Hunt Pack goes live, those Killers and Survivors will no longer be sold individually in first-party stores. However, players will still be able to get them through Dead by Daylight's in-game store, where they'll be getting a permanent price reduction. Behaviour has also confirmed that it will be removing Curtain Call and Shattered Bloodline, despite the fact that these are not available as part of a larger pack. Once these changes take place, players will have to buy them through the in-game store, so anyone that wants to purchase them through the first-party stores should plan on doing so soon. 

What Happens to Licensed Content in Dead by Daylight

While Behaviour Interactive is trying to consolidate things a bit, players should not expect to see any changes to the game's licensed content. Over the last few years, Dead by Daylight has hosted a ton of collaborations, featuring iconic characters like Micheal Myers and Ghostface, as well as franchises like Stranger Things and Resident Evil. All of that content will remain as is, and fans should not expect to see any of it grouped together anytime soon. 

Do you think consolidating this content makes things easier to understand, or more complicated? Are there any changes you'd prefer to see? Share your thoughts with me directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp or on Instagram at @Dachampgaming!