Dead by Daylight Extends Chaos Shuffle Mode Due to Popular Demand

Dead by Daylight has extended the Chaos Shuffle modifier due to popularity.

The developers at Behaviour Interactive are experimenting with plenty of different ways to keep Dead by Daylight fresh in order to keep players interested, including multiple exciting upcoming licensed Chapters that were showcased during the game's eighth anniversary broadcast and actual functions like Killer/Survivor mechanics and gameplay modes. One of these modes is the Chaos Shuffle Modifier, which constructs the players' builds entirely at random, drawing from every available Perk in Dead by Daylight, with each Perk at Level 3 to maximize the experience.

This perk has been so popular since it began its run on Dead by Daylight on May 16th that Behaviour Interactive has decided to extend its duration to give players more time to experience the modifier, with its new end date marked for June 3rd at 11am ET. Behaviour noted on the official Dead by Daylight X (formerly Twitter) page that players have already queued for Chaos Shuffle over 18million times, which equates to about 105,000 a day since the Modifier made its way to the game. Clearly, Dead by Daylight players are enjoying the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Perks they haven't gotten the chance to explore before.

"Part of the fun is embracing the chaos, even if you don't always understand the finer points of how your build is operating. Either way, we have you covered. If your loadout happens to feature a Perk you are unfamiliar with, you can read an explanation in the match details screen during a game. Just make sure to do it in a safe place..." the Chaos Shuffle Modifier FAQ page on Dead by Daylight's official website reads. "We hope the Chaos Shuffle leads to players getti ng a kick out of an unconventional build, discovering interesting synergies, and confounding opponents with the unexpected. You might even come out of this with a new favorite Perk..."

The page for Chaos Shuffle also includes a pair of fantastic informative videos from content creator Kyoto that Behaviour Interactive clearly feels are super helpful in increasing your knowledge on the available Perks, including one that is titled "1 Tip for EVERY Killer Perk" for Killers, as well as its counterpart for Survivors, "1 Tip for EVERY Survivor Perk."

Have you tried out the Chaos Shuffle mode in Dead by Daylight, or are you patiently waiting for Dungeons & Dragons to make its way to the game June 3rd? Let me know on socials @amazingspidrhan