Dead by Daylight Spin-Off The Casting of Frank Stone Gets New Trailer, Details

Explore more of the darkness in The Casting of Frank Stone in a new gameplay trailer.

Fan reception and excitement for the Dead by Daylight spin-off that was announced during the 2023 Game Awards has been resoundingly positive, with enough interesting social media marketing since to keep the excitement alive. As we approach June, The Casting of Frank Stone's release window continues to pass by, with it set to release sometime this year, and the pre-release marketing has taken another massive step forward with the premiere of the gameplay trailer during Dead by Daylight's 8th Anniversary Broadcast. Dead by Daylight fans will be able to dive deeper into the broader universe with this upcoming title, in which:

"In the summer of 1980, four friends set out to make their mark on horror cinema. What they capture will trigger the unthinkable. Decide their fate, develop their relationships, and guide their shoot of Murder Mill, a soon-to-be cult classic with an insidious influence..."

Expanding the Dead by Daylight Universe

Supermassive Games' The Casting of Frank Stone fits the developer's established style with an expansive narrative clouded in darkness, where every action taken by the player pulls at the threads of the game and alters the outcome. To be successful and avoid serious consequences, players will have to carefully consider every decision they make in the game, whether it be during environmental puzzles or quicktime events lurking around corners waiting to surprise you.

Per the PlayStation Blog post on the new trailer, Dead by Daylight Senior Creative Director Dave Richard notes, "The world of Dead by Daylight is one that's always been filled with deep stories. But the game itself has its limits when it comes to how we tell those stories. With The Casting of Frank Stone, we get to explore these stories through a brand-new cinematic experience based entirely on player choices."

Richard continued, "We can dig deeper into a Killer's origin story and let players actually be part of it, which is unlike anything we've ever done before. It's all still linked to The Entity, but this narrative plays out in our world, away from the Trials of Dead by Daylight, which is very interesting to us."

While the latest update on The Casting of Frank Stone doesn't note an exact release date, it does state that the game can be expected later this year, with plenty of reveals between now and then left. It's noted that you don't have to have Dead by Daylight experience to enjoy The Casting of Frank Stone, but you've still got time to jump in beforehand if you want to have a base understanding of the universe.