Dead by Daylight Roadmap Previews Plans for Next Chapters

Dead by Daylight has an exciting ninth year ahead.

Dead by Daylight's 8th Anniversary Broadcast was full of plenty of announcements for players to get excited about in the months to come, including a Dungeons & Dragons DLC that features Matt Mercer as the voice of Vecna, a surprise Castlevania collaboration for fans to sink their teeth into later this year, updates on Project T and The Casting of Frank Stone, and more. With the eighth year officially in the past, Behaviour Interactive also took the broadcast as an opportunity to lift the fog a bit on what Year 9's Roadmap will look like in full.

dead by daylight year 9 roadmap

Dead by Daylight Year 9

Dead by Daylight's 9th Year Roadmap roughly follows:

  • June: Licensed Chapter – New Killer, New Survivor, New Map, and an In-Game Event
  • July: Tome 20, Licensed Chapter – New Survivor, and a new Game Mode
  • August: Licensed Chapter – New Killer, New Survivor
  • September: Modifier
  • October: Tome 21 and an In-Game Event
  • December: Chapter – New Killer, New Survivor, New Map, and an In-Game Event
  • January: Tome 22
  • March: Licensed Chapter – New Killer and an In-Game Event
  • April: Tome 23, Chapter – New Survivor

The roadmap graphic also notes ongoing gameplay improvements and balancing including addressing the challenge system and finisher mori, and ongoing quality of life improvements including cross-progression and reworked news and inbox.

New Game Mode

Thanks to some of the other announcements from the broadcast we already know some of the licensed chapter details thanks to the look into the Dungeons & Dragons Chapter and Castlevania Chapter, and another exciting surprise announcement – a highly requested 2V8 Game Mode. In the new mode, 2 Killers will hunt 8 Survivors on a larger map, with several changes to each side's mechanics to provide an entirely new Dead by Daylight experience. For 2V8, Behaviour has removed the following:

  • Perks: "Each of the included Killers and Survivors will have their own playstyle, so you'll need to choose the right one for each Trial."
  • Hooks: "When a Killer Downs a Survivor, rather than bringing them to a Hook, they'll be able to send them right to a Cage. Getting sent to a Cage still counts as a Hook State, meaning 3 Cages and you're out of the game."

What are you most looking forward to in Dead by Daylight's 9th Year?