Dead by Daylight Announces Halloween 2022 Event

Two Dead by Daylight events get the most focus every year, and one of them is almost upon us now with the Halloween event set to get underway soon. Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive announced the full details of the "Haunted by Daylight" event this week, a series of Halloween festivities which start on October 11th with the release of a new update ahead of the start of the in-game event itself which takes place on October 13th.

For those who frequent the game's Tomes to unearth lore details and other rewards, you'll be happy to hear that Tome 13: Malevolence is coming in this update. It features Ghost Face and Mikaela Reid and comes with both a free and premium track of rewards once more with the former including at least 500K Bloodpoints for players to obtain.

As for the in-game event itself, it'll consist of a gameplay mechanic where players have to acquire "Void Energy." By collecting this resource and depositing it into something called "Unstable Rifts," you'll be able to unlock up to 12 different Halloween cosmetics available for both Killers and Survivors. Premium cosmetics collections including outfits for Jane Romero, Dwight Fairfield, The Oni, Albert Wesker, Mikaela Reid, and The Doctor will also be available throughout the course of this Halloween event. The Oni and Albert Wesker skins are available now, and the other four cosmetics will be available starting on October 11th.

That makes up the bulk of the Halloween events, but there's more planned to around all of this. Players will get daily rewards starting on October 13th and continuing from then until November 3rd, and there will also be a free weekend for the game starting on October 27th and lasting until November 1st. Behaviour Interactive also teased that it'll host a stream on October 19th right in the middle of all these proceedings, but it hasn't yet been said what that stream will consist of. The event will cap off with new merch announced at the end of October, an event calendar confirmed.


Dead by Daylight's in-game event kicks off on October 13th, so expect all of the Halloween festivities to really start getting underway then.