Dead by Daylight's Halloween Event Is Returning Soon

Dead by Daylight players will soon be able to take part in the game’s spookiest event of the year when the Withering Blight celebration begins in a few weeks. Players will find new limited-time items in their Bloodwebs that can be used in matches along with some Halloween cosmetics to be bought with a special currency. Lore buffs will also be able to learn more about the event’s story that’s continuing from last year’s Hallowed Blight event. The event is scheduled to begin on October 22nd and will end on November 1st.

Behaviour Interactive announced the return of its Halloween event this week with a preview of what’s to come. Three different items which are the Will O’ Wisp Flashlight, the All Hallows’ Eve Lunchbox, and the Pustula Petals Offering will be planted in Bloodwebs and in chests throughout the event. Find or unlock them and you’ll be able to use them in your next few matches, but the Pustula Petals will disappear once the event is over.

These rotting petals are used to create new objectives on the map – Survivors create more generators while Killers create more sacrificial hooks. If you’re able to use either of those once they appear, you’ll earn more points.

“Following feedback from the Hallowed Blight event last year, Pustula Petals will instead create a pair of event Hooks and Generators for each Offering used,” Behaviour Interactive said. “Survivors who burn one of these Offerings will receive bonus Bloodpoints whenever an event Generator is powered, and Killers receive a bonus each time a Survivor is hooked on a special event Hook. If you don’t burn an Offering, you’ll still receive some bonus Bloodpoints, but not as many as those who do.”

By making your way through The Archives which serves as Dead by Daylight’s battle pass feature, you’ll be able to complete challenges to earn another new item called Putrid Serum. A total of 60 Putrid Serums can be earned through the challenges with that substance only available through the free track of The Rift, so players don’t have to worry about others getting more than them by paying. You can then use the Putrid Serums to trade for Halloween cosmetics.


Completing certain nodes in the relevant Tome within The Archives will unlock new Memory Entries to expand the game’s lore. Collecting all of these Memory Entries will unlock an animatic that’ll build on the story further.

Dead by Daylight’s Halloween event begins on October 22nd.