Dead by Daylight Updates Bannable Offenses With New Softban System

Dead by Daylight
(Photo: Behaviour Interactive)

The guidelines for sportsmanlike play in Dead by Daylight have been updated with the introduction of a new softban system that will temporarily restrict players' gameplay.

Updated and released on Wednesday, the new list of rules for the online-only game includes two different sets of reportable offenses, the first being infractions resulting in a permanent ban and the second a group of offenses leading to temporary bans. The softbans can escalate though, so don't expect to continually break the lesser rules without expectations of more serious consequences.

For the bannable offenses resulting in permanent bans right away, they all deal with using third-party software to alter your in-game experience somehow. Whether it's hacking for achievements, skins, or any other method that would grant players an unfair advantage, the usual no-nos for online games will certainly result in a quick, permanent ban.

But apart from hacking, the list of offenses that'll grant players a temporary ban deal much more with in-game behavior. From ragequitting to being all around unsportsmanlike, below are the behaviors that players should watch out for as outlined in the game's Steam forum:

  1. Harassment: Communication Abuse
    • Insults, intimidation, hateful speech, repeated harassment
    • Multiplatform harassment (Steam/Twitter/Facebook, Twitch etc.) – These are exceptional cases, if you go all the way to do this, you will be banned for 48 hours right away, skipping the 24 hours ban.
  2. Greifing: Intentional gameplay abuse
    • Working with the opposite team to gain an advantage or grief teammates
    • Targeting specific users repeatedly in order to ruin their game experience
    • Holding the game hostage
  3. Exploits: Abusing bugs or errors in design to gain a competitive advantage
    • Showing exploits on stream / advertising exploits in any form
    • Exploit bugs, errors in design or undocumented features to gain access to what would otherwise not be available or to obtain any competitive advantage
  4. Unsportsmanlike conduct
    • Disconnects and/or Rage quitting – no report needed. We're using our backend analytics to flag and ban players who are constantly disconnecting/leaving the game.
    • Lag switching

A one-day ban will result from the first confirmed infraction from the above list, doubled to a two-day ban the second time. Three bans will kick players off the game for a week, and if they reach four infractions, a permanent ban is next.

The new guidelines are in effect now for Dead by Daylight, so make sure to adhere to them closely in order to keep playing uninterrupted.