'Dead Or Alive 6' Sees a Slight Delay Into Early March

There has been a lot of anticipation behind the forthcoming Dead Or Alive 6, as the developers were trying to focus more on its core fighting mechanics, rather than the, ahem, "cheesecake" that the series had become known for. But we'll have to wait just a little bit longer to see how the team has done.


Koei Tecmo sent out a press release today announcing that Dead Or Alive 6 would not be coming out in mid-February as previously planned. But don't worry, the delay isn't too bad- it's now set to debut on March 1, 2019.

The publisher explained that the developers at Team Ninja wanted to make sure that the balancing for the game was just right, considering how avid the fanbase is about its return.

Yohei Shimbori, who serves as the producer and director behind the sequel, said, "The title's development is already near complete; however, we would like to take more time to further polish its balance, gameplay, and expressivity. In return for your patience, we commit to bringing you the best Dead Or Alive gaming experience.

"I am truly sorry for the inconvenience caused by the release delay of Dead Or Alive 6."

We can wait just a little bit longer for the game to come around. After all, the company's previously released Dead Or Alive 5 saw an extended amount of downloadable content added, including new fighters and a slew of outfits. We even got another edition of the game, Final Round, that had some of these content thrown into it.

And it sounds like we'll be able to try the game out soon, as there's word that a demo could be dropping soon.

We gave the game a try at E3 2018, where we noted its improved visuals and much more balanced fighting mechanics, especially the super concentrated attacks and counters that come into play. It sounds like Team Ninja wants to make sure this system hits the right spot, instead of turning the game into another "hey, let me hit you and then you can hit me" setup.

Be sure to check back for updated impressions soon!

Dead Or Alive 6 arrives on March 1, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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