Capcom Still Considers Dead Rising An Important IP

dead rising (1)
(Photo: Capcom)

Back in 2018, Capcom shut down Capcom Vancouver, the team designated to working on the Dead Rising series. In the process, it also cancelled the Dead Rising projects the team had in the works. Since then, Capcom hasn't said a word about the series, suggesting it's, at least for the moment, been put on ice. We haven't seen the IP since 2016, and there's nothing from Capcom that suggests that will change anytime soon. That said, apparently Capcom still considers the IP very important, which seems to imply that it's not dead.

During its recent earnings call, Capcom listed its "superior, proprietary content," which includes: Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Dragon's Dogma, and interestingly Dead Rising, which has sold 13 million copies to date across four mainline releases and their numerous spin-offs and DLC.

The fact that Capcom is still showing off Dead Rising seems to suggest it's still a franchise at the front of its mind. It was assumed the series was done after the shutdown of Capcom Vancouver, and this could still be the case, but this financial call suggests otherwise.

It's perhaps worth pointing out that IP, such as Dragon's Dogma, is also listed. While Dragon's Dogma has a cult-following, it hasn't set the world on fire. In other words, there may not be too much to this listing of series, especially since the likes of Mega Man aren't even included.

Whatever the case, for Dead Rising fans, there's hope. Capcom hasn't forgotten about the series, and obviously still sees some potential that can be tapped into.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. Do you think Capcom should return to Dead Rising?

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