New Dead Space Remake Weapon Updates Revealed

Electronic Arts' Motive Studio is naturally updating Dead Space's guns and pretty much everything else for the Dead Space Remake, but in a reveal from this week, the developers showed off that they've already been updating those updates. That is to say that changes have already been made between the time the March livestream aired and now with Motive taking feedback from the community into consideration to further update some of Isaac Clarke's most recognizable weapons.

The latest update from Motive deals again with the audio design of the Dead Space Remake just as the livestream from March did, the same one which gave us a release window for the game. Motive showed off then some of the changes it'd been working on for the Plasma Cutter and the Pulse Rifle compared to the weapons' original appearances. Today, the same sort of comparison was shown again, but this time, the weapons were shown in three forms: The original Dead Space appearances, what was shown in the last Dead Space Remake livestream, and the current iterations the developers are working on.

Over on Reddit where the same video shown above was shared, Caden House, the community manager at Motive and for the Dead Space Remake, said "not everyone was sold on it" when the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle updates were first revealed. The developers acknowledged the community feedback while saying that what's shown here still isn't final and could change before the game's release.

"The sense of power from weapons comes with the full experience, as it's not only the core sounds you'll hear, but also the impact on surfaces, and the effects on the environments," House said. "You'll notice the Plasma Cutter frequency range has been rebalanced to focus more on the kick, as well as the lower end. Overall, this better aligns to that 'feel' that so many of you mentioned with the original. With the Pulse Rifle, you can hear now that the rhythm is a bit more chaotic and not as tight as the previous version. There's a bit more volume from the environmental reaction, as well as more feedback from surface impacts."

House also reminded those looking forward to the Dead Space Remake that there will be another livestream in May that'll focus on the art of the game. The previous one was just supposed to be about sound and ended up giving fans a release window, too, so there's no telling what the next one might bring in addition to the art showcase.