Death Stranding Has Its Most Epic Reveal Yet In Full Length Trailer

death stranding featured

Since its very first (confusing) announcement, details about Hideo Kojima's debut title with his new production company, Kojima Productions, have been incredibly slim. Fans have been clamoring for any sort of indication as to what the story of Death Stranding has to offer, and this year's Game Awards gave us exactly what we've been wanting with this incredibly detailed feature!

Where can we even begin with the video above? Death Stranding hasn't even released yet, and the narrative has completely enraptured us here at ComicBook. The terror, the humanity, the stunning visuals - there is nothing that the latest trailer did not blow out of the water.

Starring Norman Reedus front and center, we can finally make sense out of the creepy baby dolls shown in previous teasers. The level of realism seen in the rainy landscapes were juxtaposed by the incredibly dark supernatural figures showcased throughout the trailer's progression. In fact, this feature took longer than usual to write because we can't stop our minds from reeling from what the heck we just watched? Whatever it is, we need it - and we need it now!


Though the latest trailer is nothing short of phenomenal ... we still don't have a release window for Death Stranding yet. But with these cinematic episodes as reveals, we are content. Hideo Kojima, a tip of the hat to you, sir - outstanding showcase!