Deathloop Leak Teases Xbox Release

It looks like Bethesda and Arkane's popular first-person shooter Deathloop is finally heading to Xbox platforms. Following its launch on PlayStation 5 and PC last year, it was known that Deathloop would eventually be able to come to Xbox as it was only a timed console exclusive for PlayStation. Finally, a year to the date after first releasing, it looks like Deathloop could be coming to Xbox incredibly soon. 

Spotted on the Xbox store today, a new listing for Deathloop was discovered by multiple fans. Although the game's store listing wasn't live just yet, an ad for Deathloop was shown on the marketplace and encouraged people to pre-order the game. Clearly, this indicates that Xbox is in the process of setting the game up for purchase, which means that a formal announcement should be coming soon. Given that the timed exclusivity of Deathloop on PS5 also expires this week, we should almost certainly hear something from Bethesda and Arkane in the coming days.  

In all likelihood, when Deathloop does come to Xbox, it will only be available to play via Xbox Series X. Unlike a number of other releases over the past year, Deathloop was exclusive to next-gen hardware with PS5, which means that the same will likely happen on Xbox. 

What will be interesting to see with Deathloop is whether or not the game will release directly on Xbox Game Pass. Considering that Bethesda and Arkane are owned by Microsoft, it would stand to reason that this is a title that would join Game Pass the moment it is released, just like all other Xbox first-party projects. While Xbox itself has yet to confirm this will be the case, it seems likely that we'll end up hearing something official in the very near future. When that happens, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop here on

Are you going to look to play Deathloop on Xbox when it does arrive? And do you expect the game to launch directly on Xbox Game Pass? Give me your own thoughts either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.