Demon's Souls in 4K Is an Intense Way to Experience a Favorite

When Dark Souls Remastered was announced, many fans of the brutal franchise were stoked but still - that excitement was overshadowed by another fan desire making itself known: Demon's Souls. Though we haven't gotten word on a potential re-release of that fan favourite, a PS3 emulator brings the horror to life once more in stunning 4K detail.

In the video above, Nekotekina boasts:

"Thanks to recent SPU recompiler improvements by Nekotekina Demon's Souls (and many other games of course) saw a massive boost in performance. As seen in this video recorded with an i7-6700k the game is pretty much locked at 30 fps at all times. Yes you might notice the occasional badly paced frame or so, but compared to the 20 fps mess for example Boletarian Palace was at before this is just amazing. And it's not like a real PS3 is any better in this regard."

The emulator's creator has set up a Patreon to support this project with over 830 Patrons and counting. It's pretty impressive, especially for those just itching for this to be the next game to receive the remaster treatment. Until we get official word, however, this emulator will have to do.

This creator also has other projects in the works as well, such as The Last of Us and God of War 3 emulations available. If you like what you see in the footage above, here's what you can do to support more content, as per their website:

"RPCS3 is an early work-in-progress open-source PS3 emulator. While the majority of commercial games can already go ingame, most advanced AAA titles are still currently quite slow. Thanks to our growing community full of testers and developers, the development process has been progressing very smoothly. However there is still a lot of work to be done until we reach the BETA phase. Working on RPCS3 is very exciting, but it is also extremely time-consuming and that's why we need your support!"


The money received will go towards:

  • Supporting the Lead Core Developer Nekotekina so he can keep working full-time on RPCS3 and buy any hardware required for development and testing.
  • Supporting the Lead Graphics Developer kd-11 so he can buy any hardware required for development and testing.
  • Paying other project related expenses.

What the patrons get in exchange:

  • Better live technical support on Discord. Emulation is a tricky thing, and sometimes may require specific assistance. But this may be time-consuming as well for developers and experienced users, so it seems natural to prioritize supporters.
  • An ability to affect the development of the emulator. Priorities of some tasks can be adjusted according to your wishes.
  • Of course, a thank you for your support!
  • Finally, the great emulator. This is the most important thing.