Destiny 2 "Loot Cave" Found - Time to Get Farming

The old joke of, "Is it a bug or a feature? Yes" comes to mind when several Destiny 2 players stumbled upon what looks to be a loot cave. These particular caches were well-known from the first game so it's not a far stretch to think they've made their way over into the sequel. Still - it could also be an exploit. Either way, we're OK with it.

The loot cave in question can be found on Nessus. It's the first report of a sighting publicly, but that doesn't mean it's the only one in-game. For this particular one however, players must go to the Exodus Black Landing Zone. From there, hang a right and you'll see a cave far side of the area. In the video below, the players utilised their Sparrow for quicker travel, but you can hoof it too if that's what you're into.

The first chamber opens up with a chest inside, with smaller pockets on the right side. The chest isn't docile, so it's possible that when you first walk in, you might have to hunt around within the different chambers to find it.

Upon finding the loot chest, open it to kickstart the 60 second timer. Once the timer starts kicking down, it's time to book it through the Chamber of Sky teleporter and forge ahead until the actual Chamber of Sky description pops up. Once the notification dings, head back to where the chest is to open up and do it all over again. This particular chest has a 2 minute wait time, once it resets - the chest will respawn and the farming begins.

Aside from engrams, and tokens - it's a really easy way to get to a higher power-level, and with the first raid right around the corner, it's not the worst of ideas.


Destiny 2 is currently out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a PC release slated for October 24th.

(via PS4Tropies - YouTube)