Destiny 2's Matchmaking Accidentally Fixed, But Players Want the Bugged Version Back

Once Destiny 2 players are done with the single-player campaign, there is a whole world of [...]

Once Destiny 2 players are done with the single-player campaign, there is a whole world of post-story PvP content to enjoy. Now that we are going into year 2, there is more post-game content to take on than ever before in addition to the standard quickplay PvP mode. When Bungie disabled the skill-based matchmaking for this particular mode last month, the entire feel became chaotic and incredibly unbalanced. Turns out - that was exactly what players wanted but now Bungie seems to have 'accidently' fixed this and players want the bugged version back. You know, pre-skill based matchmaking.

Just yesterday, Bungie set loose their pre-Forsaken patch and with it came the inevitable return of skill-based matchmaking. There's been a lot of hype for the third expansion, more than the previous two even, but the latest community uproar isn't in praise - it's in panic.

The Destiny 2 subreddit has imploded with players complaining of longer queue times for this mode, dragged out gameplay, and draw matches being called - all evident of skill-based's return.

Luckily, Bungie is aware of the displeasure as Community Manager 'DMG04' took to Twitter to let fans know that this 'fix' was never meant to happen. "We're looking into this. No changes were intentionally deployed with 2.0," he mentioned in response to one player about the wait times. He then added, "Whenever we purposefully alter the matchmaking ecosystem of the Crucible, we'll talk to you about it, as we have been."

When looking at the fact that the disabling of skill-based was initilally done by accident, it's not a far stretch to think that the renabling of it was also a mistake. So far the team hasn't updated fans on what they are doing about it or if they will take it back down, but they are actively weighing the fan responses and will most likely deploy a hotfix later this week.

For now, the third expansion kicks off for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC players on September 4th.