Destiny 2: Xur Location for January 28-February 1

The weekend has come around once again which means that Xur has made his weekly trek back into the world of Destiny 2. Per usual, Xur has a number of items that he's selling in his store this week for those who are looking to expand their own inventories. If you're trying to track him down for yourself, here's where you can find Xur in the coming days. 

From today, January 28, until February 1, Xur will be visiting the Tower to sell his weekly goodies. This is one of the most frequent locations in which Xur frequents, which means you likely already have a good idea of where he's at. If you haven't visited Xur in the Tower before, though, he can be found in the Hangar section of the map standing near a staircase. 

Of course, Xur's location is only one of the biggest questions surrounding the shrouded salesman. Here's what he actually has on-hand to sell this week: 

  • Two-Tailed Fox (29 Legendary Shards): The Two-Tailed Fox is Xur's weapon of choice this week for those looking to spend a lot of Legendary Shards. This rocket launcher fires two rockets instead of one, which is what sets it apart from other weapons of its ilk. Additionally, both of these rockets deal different forms of damage to enemies, which means that you can dole out some pain in a very unique manner. 
  • Shards of Galanor (23 Legendary Shards): Shards of Galanor is the armor item that Xur has available for Hunters this week. The gauntlets allow you to more quickly build up your Ultimate energy whenever you use the Blade Barrage ability. It's pretty basic with how it functions, but it's a nice item to have if you have built a character that uses Blade Barrage quite often. 
  • Lion Rampant (23 Legendary Shards): Titans can get a new piece of leg armor from Xur this week with the Lion Rampant. Essentially, this item allows you to more easily move while in mid-air and also gives a boost to your hip-fire accuracy when jumping. 
  • Karnstein Armlets (23 Legendary Shards): Lastly, the Karnstein Armlets are available to buy for Warlocks and allow you to make sure that your health will never dip too low. These gauntlets regenerate a sizable portion of your health whenever you kill enemies via melee. While it's straightforward in its use, it's also one of the stronger pieces of armor that Warlocks can obtain.

As always, if you're not a fan of Xur's current inventory, it will always be refreshed this time next week. And when that time rolls around, we'll be sure to let you know here on where he's at and what he's got in his shop.