Disney Dreamlight Valley Reveals Thrills & Frills Update Details and Release Date

A major new update is coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley next week.

Disney Dreamlight Valley's next update is coming very soon, and when it does, players are going to have a ton to look forward to. This morning, Gameloft pulled back the curtain on Update 10, fleshing out a bunch of teasers that we've gotten over the last month, and revealing a firm release date: Thrills & Frills will be dropping on May 1st on all platforms, alongside A Rift in Time Act II. As confirmed yesterday, the update will see the arrival of Daisy Duck in the Valley, and she'll have a direct connection to that new building that was teased on April Fools' Day

The building in question was revealed to be the Boutique, which is where players will be able to show off their Touch of Magic creations. As suspected, players visiting the Valley will be able to stop by the Boutique and collect those designs to use for themselves. This should add a lot more incentive for players to create and share the designs they come up with! Readers can check out the full developer update video below. 

A Day at Disney Star Path

The next Star Path was revealed for Disney Dreamlight Valley today, and this one is titled "A Day at Disney." The Star Path will add a bunch of Disney Parks content, including The Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride, the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind ride, and a pretzel stand, which was one of the things players guessed earlier this month. While we don't know exactly what to expect, the Star Path will also have new clothing options for Minnie and Daisy. In a very exciting change, players will be able to take selfies inside these new rides, as well as existing ones from the previous Disney Parks Star Path. Players that missed that Star Path will be happy to know that several of those items will be returning via the Premium Shop. 

Speaking of the camera, it's one of several Royal Tools that players will now be able to use when they visit another player's Valley. This means players will now be able to take selfies together, fish, get rid of Night Thorns, use the Watering can, and more in multiplayer. 

A Rift in Time Act II

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was revealed earlier in the week as the next character arriving in A Rift in Time Act II. Today's video offered a lot more information about the character, and how the developers are trying to stay true to his roots. In a very cool twist, Oswald's house is modeled after an old movie theater. Certain things Oswald interacts with will turn black and white, including critters that appear in the Valley. The Royal Hourglass will be getting "more utility" as players will be able to level it up and unlock new rewards. 

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