New Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Path Tease Has Fans Stumped

What the heck is this new Star Path supposed to be?

Disney Dreamlight Valley's current Star Path theme is Lovely Monsters, and largely focuses on content from Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University. With just under two days left before the Star Path comes to an end, developer Gameloft has released a teaser on Twitter for the next one. While players are usually pretty good at solving these riddles, this latest batch seems to have everyone stumped! As is usually the case, the clues are all based around different emoji combinations. The first clue includes a bag of popcorn and a squirrel, the second clue has a star, a car, and a dog, and the final clue has a pretzel and a man. 

What Disney Dreamlight Valley Fans are Guessing

The popcorn and squirrel combination has fans guessing something related to Chip and Dale. That might seem unusual, but as Twitter user GlendatheBad notes, the two characters did appear in a popcorn-related animated short with Donald Duck titled Corn Chips. As for the second clue, many people are guessing something related to Bolt, or possibly Oliver and Company. Lastly, the third clue could be some kind of pretzel stand furniture item. That would be plausible, as Disney Dreamlight Valley currently has furniture items like an Ice Cream Stand and a Popcorn Machine, so a Pretzel Stand would fit in nicely. 

Unfortunately, this is all just speculation from the game's community! There's no telling how these things would fit together as part of a Star Path theme, and we don't know when the next Star Path will be introduced. Disney Dreamlight Valley's next update is slated to launch in "early spring," but there's also one coming in "late spring." Neither update has a set release date. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Early Spring Update

Since April would surely count as "early spring," there's a strong possibility we'll see Disney Dreamlight Valley's new update within the next couple weeks. Gameloft has been slowly releasing teasers about the update, including a recent one about some kind of new building. That building was revealed via a strange pair of images on April 1st, and there's been nothing said about it since. A roadmap released last year also hinted that Daisy Duck will appear as part of the early spring update. 

The update will be a free one, but those that purchased the game's A Rift in Time expansion pass can expect some exclusive content. The DLC storyline will continue, and will see the arrival of a new character. The roadmap calls this character "a very lucky villager," and there's been speculation that it could be Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. With the new update quickly approaching, we should have a lot more details soon. For now, fans will just have to speculate about what's coming next! 

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