Disney Lorcana Debuts First Donald Duck Floodborn Card (Exclusive)

ComicBook.com has your first look at a brand new Disney Lorcana card.

Disney Lorcana's new set features a surprisingly polite Donald Duck card. Today, ComicBook.com has the privilege of revealing a new card from the upcoming Disney Lorcana set "Rise of the Floodborn." The new card is Donald Duck – Perfect Gentleman and is the first Donald Duck Floodborn card. Not only does this new 4-Cost Emerald card feature the standard Shift effect (meaning that players can pay 3 to play Donald directly on another Donald card and bypass its one turn "dry time"), the card also has the "Allow Me" ability, which allows all players to draw a card at the beginning of the turn of the player who has Donald in play. While it might seem a bit counterintuitive to have opponents draw an extra card, Emerald cards in Rise of the Floodborn tend to have discard effects, so this card seems to tempt opponents to draw up cards so that Emerald players can discard them. 


Floodborn characters are the most mysterious of the three Glimmers found in Disney Lorcana. While Storyborn characters are pulled directly from Disney stories and Dreamborn characters are "reimagined" versions of characters, Floodborn characters are characters impacted by a mysterious flood of ink that comes from the Great Illuminary, a massive library containing all stories within Disney Lorcana lore. It appears that Floodborn characters draw out different aspects of characters within the game, although we'll probably get more reveals closer to the set's release on November 17th in game stores and December 1st at retail stores.

Where to Buy Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn 

The new Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn set will include two new Starter Decks, featuring Amber/Sapphire and Amethyst/Steel, in addition to a new Illumineer's Trove. Additionally, two new playmats featuring Winnie the Pooh and Beast will also be released alongside the deck and card sleeves and deck boxes featuring Mulan and Sisu will also be released alongside the new set. Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn will release at local game stores on November 17th, followed by a mass market release on December 1st. You'll be able to find details on exactly when and where you can pick the cards up online right here.