Disney Lorcana Releases First Hint at Storyline, Brings In Human Characters

Disney Lorcana revealed a first glimpse at the new trading card game's storyline.

loDisney Lorcana has released a new trailer, featuring the first real-world characters in the game. Today, Ravensburger NA released a new look at Disney Lorcana, the upcoming trading card game featuring Disney characters from various movies. The trailer (seen below) doesn't feature any Disney characters, but rather a young woman from the "real world" who is transported to the Great Illuminary, which contains a collection of all the stories. It's a reminder that Disney Lorcana will feature an emerging narrative and won't just focus on Disney characters, but rather a wider world featuring many different iterations of those characters. 

While the storylines in trading card games are often overlooked by the cards themselves, Disney Lorcana's storyline and world is central to explaining why the cards look and act the way they do. Players use the magic of the Great Illuminary to summon "glimmers" of different Disney characters, which are made up of ink. Currently, each character card in Disney Lorcana falls under one of three classifications – Storyborn, which resemble the characters from the original Disney movies, Dreamborn, which are radically reinterpreted versions of the characters, and the mysterious Floodborn. No explanation have been given about the Floodborn, but each Floodborn character is defined by their Shift mechanic that allows them to be played on top of another card with the same character name for a lesser cost and with no first turn restriction. 

Disney Lorcana's The First Chapter won't feature much in the way of storyline, with only a few cards hinting at the greater storyline for Disney Lorcana. Players will have to wait until the release of the second set to get more hints about the direction of the storyline. 

Disney Lorcana comes out on August 18th at hobby stores and September 1st at mass retailers.