DOOM Eternal's New Battlemode to Be Featured This Week During QuakeCon

The start of QuakeCon is quickly approaching when Bethesda will showcase its current and upcoming [...]

The start of QuakeCon is quickly approaching when Bethesda will showcase its current and upcoming games, one of which is DOOM Eternal. This next event will be the first big showing of the game since E3 where Bethesda will showcase different parts of the game including its new multiplayer component called "Battlemode." Three players do battle in asymmetrical teams consisting of two demons against one human slayer in this mode, and we'll get to see more of how this works during the QuakeCon keynote presentation.

Bethesda published its schedule for QuakeCon recently which included DOOM Eternal and the DOOM series as a whole making appearances throughout the event. In a tweet which accompanied the schedule, Bethesda also confirmed that the keynote portion of the event will offer viewers and attendees a better look at the Battlemode.

An event called "25 Years of DOOM's Influence on Video Games" will follow the keynote presentation immediately after it finishes. It's not made clear in the schedule when exactly this Battlemode will be presented, so it's best to tune into the keynote at the time above and stick around afterward to makes sure you don't miss it.

"An all-star panel of Bethesda developers looks back at how DOOM's launch 25 years ago impacted the video game industry and the games that followed," Bethesda's scheduled said. "Featuring leads from id Software, MachineGames, Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks, this roundtable discussion will cover games old and new, and trends in shooters and beyond."

That takes place on Friday, and on Saturday, another presentation titled "Knee-Deep in the DOOM" will have id Software developers showcasing "the first live gameplay demo of DOOM Eternal."

The new multiplayer experience was revealed during Bethesda's E3 event with the video at the top offering our first look at the mode. This 2v1 mode will take place across three rounds of combat where the Slayer has the upperhand in terms of abilities and power while the demons obviously have the numbers advantage.

As those who have been following the development of DOOM Eternal will know, Deathmatch will not be featured in the game alongside this new Battlemode. Bethesda confirmed the absence of the mode in the past and said the previous Deathmatch experience "fell flat" because it didn't feature the game's demons and slayers in a meaningful way.

DOOM Eternal is scheduled to be released on November 22nd.